Immigration and citizenship agents in Bulgaria

Who is the best immigration and citizenship agent in Bulgaria?

There is no straightforward answer to this question. Reliable citizenship and immigration agents are quite scarce in Bulgaria. There are of course plenty of scammers, pretending to be legitimate agents. These are operating mainly from other countries, such as Russia, Ukraine and Moldova.

So how can we determine who the best citizenship & immigration agent in Bulgaria is? Based on customer feedback and the information we have, we would say that PwC Bulgaria and are the leading companies in Bulgaria that provide legal immigration and citizenship services.

PwC Bulgaria

PwC Bulgaria is not really known for its expertise in immigration and second citizenship. Still, in Bulgaria, the demand by foreigners for Bulgarian citizenship and residence permits is so high, that PwC may assist their customer with their needs for work mobility, tax & immigration and even citizenship services. While the PwC’s fees are not for everyone’s budget, the service the company provides is top-notch. is known for having created the largest legal database with comprehensive information on the subjects of Bulgarian immigration and citizenship. The company is specializing in assisting high-net-worth foreigners, but has been helping the average Joe as well. is also operating a dedicated project This project specializes exclusively on the legal aspects of naturalization and obtaining of Bulgarian citizenship. An additional dedicated team is working under the brand The team is providing comprehensive tax advice to foreigners, who have obtained residence permits or citizenship in Bulgaria.

How to choose the best company?

So who should you pick for your immigration and citizenship needs in Bulgaria? If you are an existing client of PwC and they are willing to assist you, there is no need to change. If you are looking for highly professional assistance in the field of legal residence or citizenship though, then is your safest bet.

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