Bulgaria in Schengen

Will Bulgaria start issuing Schengen visas from 31.03.2024?

Bulgaria is joining the Schengen area from 31.03.2024. For now, only by air and water, but it seems that the land border controls will be abolished in the foreseeable future (perhaps by the end of 2024). For Bulgarian citizens, (almost) nothing will really change. All Bulgarians, as EU citizens, have an unconditional right of movement within the EU. Our Schengen membership will be felt only in (slightly) faster border crossings, where controls will be removed.

The foreigners in Bulgaria and Schengen

The biggest benefit of our country’s Schengen membership will be for foreigners who legally live in Bulgaria and hold a residence permit. As well as for those who obtain a short-term Bulgarian visa.

The main questions that many foreigners still do not have answers to are:

  • Will Bulgaria issue Schengen visas from 31.03.2024?
  • Will foreigners with a residence permit in Bulgaria be able to travel visa-free to other Schengen countries?
  • For what period will it be possible to visit another Schengen country without a visa?
  • Will a foreigner with a Bulgarian residence card be able to travel to the Schengen countries by car or only by plane?
  • Will foreigners living permanently in Bulgaria be allowed to work in a Schengen country?

Answers to these and many other questions can be found in the section of Posolstvo.eu – Bulgaria in Schengen.

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