Huge demand for Bulgarian citizenship from Israel

In July 2023, the Israeli people started their hunt for the best second citizenship and passport

Residents of Israel are fearful about their country’s future, because of the latest legal changes in the country. This is the obvious explanation as to why there are so many Israelis looking desperately for second passport, preferably an EU one. Bulgaria has been home for many Jewish people now and in the past. Therefore it is no surprise that Israeli citizens are enquiring more and more about the possibility to obtain Bulgarian citizenship in 2023.

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Bulgarian citizenship for Israelis – one of their best option to secure second home in the EU

Bulgarians are known for their heroic effort when they managed to save their Jews during WW2. Has the time come now again, when Bulgarians can offer the Jews a safe haven in Europe? We believe so. Bulgaria, as a full EU member, can offer citizens of Israel not only stable and democratic environment, but also full access to the democratic values of the EU.

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